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1-Day FREE Virtual Conference

Learn With The Nerds: Azure Synapse Event

Thursday, October 7
11am - 2pm EST
Mitchell Pearson

Mitchell Pearson has been with Pragmatic Works for 8 years as a Data Platform Consultant and the Training Content manager. Mitchell has authored books on SQL Server, Power BI and the Power Platform. Data Platform experience includes designing and implementing enterprise level Business Intelligence solutions with the Microsoft SQL Server stack (T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), the Power Platform and Microsoft Azure.

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2021/10/07 11:00 AM EST
Make the most out of your day by spending a few hours with Mitchell Pearson learning how Azure Synapse Analytics will change the way you work with data services in Azure.
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Azure Synapse Analytics is changing the way we work with data services in Azure. The ASA workspace combines the core technologies required for data warehousing, Big Data Analytics and Data Science.

In this Learn with the Nerds event, Mitchell Pearson will teach you how you can use Synapse Analytics to solve the paradox of analytics with a unified analytical platform where your data analysts, data engineers and data scientists can all perform essential tasks in the same workspace. Mitchell will discuss Dedicated and Serverless SQL Pools, integration with Azure Data Lake, performing ETL with pipelines and data flows, Synapse notebooks and finally the built-in Power BI integration capabilities! So come and join Mitchell as you explore the many features which makes Synapse Analytics the industry-leading analytics platform.

What You'll Learn:

  • SQL Pools
  • Integration with Azure Data Lake
  • Perform ETL with pipelines and data flows
  • Synapse notebooks
  • Built-in Power BI integration capabilities